FAQ – Sale Dresses

Below, you will find answers to frequently asked questions regarding our sale gowns. You may also refer to our Bridal FAQ for information about wedding & bridesmaid dress shopping, and our general FAQ page for additional information that pertains to our shop as a whole. If you have any additional questions not answered here, feel free to contact us.

Why are your sale dresses discounted so significantly?

Dresses in our sale galleries are available off-the-rack only. Gown manufacturers discontinue production of certain styles throughout the year, so if we have a sample of any of those gowns, we automatically discount them since we can no longer order other sizes or colors. To determine the final sale price, we take a variety of factors into consideration, including how long we’ve had the sample, its current condition, and its current saleability/popularity. We are required to place minimum orders with our gown manufacturers to bring in new stock every spring and fall, at which time we strategically discount a few of our current designer samples to maintain our inventory size. Since those dresses are still orderable in other sizes and colors, we do not discount them as significantly as the discontinued styles, but they’re a great savings over special orders! Those dresses are labeled in the sale gallery as “Sample Only”.

Our current sale gowns range in price from $199 – $899 (original prices were as high as $2099).

Do your sale gowns require cleaning or repairs?

Sale dresses are sold “as is”. All of our sale gowns were originally purchased brand new as store samples, and have only ever been tried on by brides in our shop. We do not sell any previously owned/consignment gowns. We do not allow shoes in our dressing and viewing areas in an effort to keep the dresses as clean as possible, so most dresses will not require professional cleaning. We can typically spot clean most makeup and other smudges, but no additional discount will be given if you decide to have it professionally cleaned. If you decide to have your dress cleaned, we recommend St. Croix Cleaners.

We do not use industrial clips like a lot of stores do to pull dresses in during try-ons, because it damages the fabric and beading. Occasionally, a dress may have an opened seam, a missing hook & eye, a broken zipper/broken strap, or loose/missing beading, but the condition of the gown is taken into consideration when determining how much to discount it off the original price. So if you decide to purchase a sale dress, all repairs are your responsibility. The discounts on the sale gowns are so extensive that even if you have to pay a seamstress to make minor repairs, you can rest assured that you’re still receiving a significant savings on your gown.

If I find a sale dress I like, can I put it on hold?

Since the sale gowns are only sold off-the-rack and take up valuable space in our stock room, we actively show them and want to sell them as quickly as possible. Therefore we do not put sale gowns on hold so they remain available for other brides to consider.

What purchase/payment options are available?

Sale gowns are strictly “cash & carry”, meaning they must be paid in full and picked up after purchase (no storage available). All sales are final. We will accept Cash, Debit, Visa, Mastercard, Discover for payment. We do not accept checks for sale merchandise.

What do I do if I find a sale dress I like, but it doesn’t fit?

The sale gowns are only available off-the-rack, and since most of them have been discontinued, we are unable to order another size or color. If a sale gown is too big, chances are good that it can be taken in to fit. If a dress is too small, it may be able to be let out on the side seams and/or have the zipper replaced with an adjustable corset back. Although we do not offer alterations, our staff is very knowledgeable about what can and can’t be done to make a dress fit, so we can advise you as to whether a dress is alterable or not (based upon the skills of our recommended seamstresses). Not all seamstresses are comfortable doing certain alterations or working on particular fabrics, but the ones we recommend don’t shy away from even the most difficult projects. So, if you have a seamstress in mind to alter your dress, and you are unsure if they will be comfortable with the alterations required to make a particular dress fit, you are more than welcome to bring them to our shop to try the dress on for them before you finalize your purchase. Since all sales are final, once a dress leaves the shop, you will not be able to return or exchange it.

Do you provide alterations?

Formal gowns almost always require some alterations to achieve the best fit. We do not offer in-house alterations, however, you’ll be in good hands with one of the skilled seamstresses we recommend. When you pick up your dress, we can provide you with their contact information.