Informal & Destination Wedding Gowns

Informals are semi-formal bridal gowns that typically have either a short sweep train or no train at all, and are sometimes even short in length (tea length/knee length). Lighter in weight than the average formal wedding gown, informals are often (but not always) more simple in design and detail as well. Because of the growing popularity of weddings in warmer climates, informals are commonly referred to as destination wedding dresses. Our collection of informals features a wide variety of styles available with prices beginning at $200—most average $400-$1000. Whether you’re getting married in Vegas, on the beach, in your backyard or at the courthouse…and whether you want a long gown, a short cocktail dress, a full skirt or a slim silhouette, you’re sure to find an informal that’s right for you. We also sell many of our bridesmaid styles, which are available in ivory, champagne, white and other light shades as wedding informals (some are featured in this gallery)—perfect for the bride looking for a simple look at a truly affordable price.

Most of the styles in this gallery are currently in stock and available to try on. To do so, compile a list of your favorites and request an appointment. For additional information about the process of selecting and ordering your wedding gown, please refer to our Bridal FAQ.

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